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Castler Software Escrow: Securing Your Software Future Today

Protecting Your Source Code Assets with Unparalleled Security and Transparency

Castler Software Escrow offers a protective shield for your software assets, standing as a neutral third party to keep your source code and funds safe until predetermined conditions are met. We simplify the complexities of software escrow, delivering a service that is both reliable and easy to navigate.

100% Secure | Lowest Price Guaranteed

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Hall of Fame

The Castler Advantage


Your source code and funds stay secure and private.

Ease of Use

Our streamlined processes make software escrow transactions smooth and worry-free

Value for Money

We offer high-quality, secure solutions for your source code at competitive rates.
Castler Software Escrow extends far beyond simple secure storage. We offer a comprehensive suite of benefits that make us the preferred choice for software escrow services:

100% Secure | Lowest Price Guaranteed

Escrow Solutions for Different Types of Software Escrow

At Castler, we believe that every software deserves protection that is custom-fit to its organizational context. Whether your software is hosted in-house or on cloud, or utilized by a single organization or multiple entities, we’ve got you covered. We offer a spectrum of Software Escrow Agreements to cater to diverse business needs. Delve into the various Source Code Escrow Agreement types we offer, or get in touch with us for further information. Beyond Technology Escrow Agreements, we also provide services such as Registry & Registrar Data Escrow Agreements for ICANN compliance, Information Escrow Agreements, and Copyright Escrow Agreements.

Cloud-Based App Protection - SaaS Escrow Agreement

Trust our SaaS Escrow Agreement to safeguard your cloud-hosted applications. It equips end-users with the necessary resources to access, restore, or rebuild their unique SaaS application and data, in case of a SaaS outage or vendor default.

Bespoke On-Premise Software Safeguard - Single Licensee Software Escrow Agreement

Our Single Licensee Escrow Agreement is designed for unique on-premise software applications used solely by one organization. The Licensee can participate in the Agreement, which facilitates the release of the source code in the event of a trigger.

Universal On-Premise Software Shield - Multi Licensee Software Escrow Agreement

Our Multi Licensee Software Escrow Agreement is perfect for standard solutions used by multiple users across varied organizations. Any Licensee of the software can be part of the Agreement, allowing for the source code release, if required.

Versatile Arrangements - Distributor and Staggered Release Agreement

Our agreements accommodate diverse scenarios including distributor, developer, and outsourcer arrangements, with anything from a basic 2 party agreement to 4 parties or more. We even provide for staggered release, enabling a party to obtain the source code before its release to the Licensee.

Domain Data Protection - Registry & Registrar Data Escrow Agreement

As part of the generic top-level domain (gTLD) application process, daily transfers of WHOIS data to a trustworthy escrow agent is mandatory. Our Registry Data Escrow Agreements are available for gTLD registry operators. This ensures that critical WHOIS data is released to ICANN for continued domain operation if the Registry Operator can no longer support the applicant.

Business-Critical Information Security - Information Escrow Agreement

Our Information Escrow Agreements safeguard essential business information such as product designs, industrial formulas, manufacturing processes, and marketing materials. Specifically designed to shield organizations that outsource certain operational elements to specialist third parties, any type of critical business information can be protected.

Intellectual Property Defense - Copyright Escrow Agreement

Our Copyright Escrow Agreements protect clients’ original materials, supporting in the prosecution or defense of copyright infringement claims. It helps establish ownership of materials like software applications, websites, product designs, artwork, original music scores, and fashion designs. This Agreement holds the original material, drafts, evolution plans, ownership details, authorship evidence, and relevant employment contracts. In case of copyright claims, this can be used to prove the material’s creation.

100% Secure | Lowest Price Guaranteed

Securing Your Software With Castler – A Step-By-Step Guide

Identify Your Software

Select the source code you want to place in escrow.

Submit Your Source Code

Entrust us with your software source code and funds. We guarantee secure storage until the escrow conditions are met.

Create Your Account

Contact our Escrow experts and they will help you to create an escrow order. This order will detail the specifics of the transaction, such as the document description, conditions for release, and parties involved and the release conditions.

Release of Source Code & funds

Upon the fulfilment of the specified conditions, the source code and funds is released to the designated party, with Castler keeping you informed every step of the way.

Embark on your journey to secure software transactions with Castler, guided by
our easy-to-follow process

100% Secure | Lowest Price Guaranteed

Always Here for You

Castler prioritizes your needs

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is available round the clock, ready to assist you at every step of the escrow proces

Integration Made Easy

With our API integration tools, you can seamlessly integrate Castler's services into your existing systems.

Enhanced Security

Our advanced security protocols and fraud prevention measures ensure complete protection for your source code & funds.

100% Secure | Lowest Price Guaranteed

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Castler's Commitment To Global Excellence

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Castler's Commitment To Global Excellence

Our services are recognized and appreciated across the globe for


100% Secure | Lowest Price Guaranteed

Why Software Escrow?

Understanding the importance of a software escrow service:

Risk Mitigation

Safeguard your business against unforeseen circumstances.

Business Continuity

Ensure continuous access to critical software applications.

Trust Building

Build trust with your software vendors and partners.

100% Secure | Lowest Price Guaranteed

Embrace Peace of Mind with Castler

With Castler Software Escrow, you secure more than just your software


Trust in a service that prioritizes security and reliability



We make software escrow easy, allowing you to focus on your core business.



Enjoy a cost-effective solution for your software escrow needs.


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