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How Castler Escrow Services Can Help Builders Secure Financial Dealings and Prevent Fraud

As a builder, financial dealings can be a source of stress and uncertainty, especially when dealing with buyers who may not follow through on their commitments. Castler Escrow Services (formerly ProtectPay) offers a solution to this problem by providing a secure and reliable way to manage financial transactions.

Step 1: Identify the terms between the Buyer and Seller. This means having a written document signed by both parties or an acknowledged email that outlines the description of the merchandise, sale price, inspection days allowed, commission amount, and escrow fee involved. Castler Escrow Services will guide you through this process and ensure that all parties agree and sign.

Step 2: Buyer pays into the escrow account, which includes two escrows – one for the brokerage and one for the seller.

Step 3: Seller sends the merchandise, and the buyer accepts within the inspection time frame.

Step 4: Castler Escrow Services releases the funds to both the seller/builder and broker.

By using Castler Escrow Services, builders can reduce time, manpower, and money in managing multiple escrow accounts for every new project. Instead of paying people to make calls and manage escrow accounts, Castler Escrow Services takes care of all your escrow accounts, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Furthermore, Castler Escrow Services can help builders increase online bookings by giving buyers control of their money until they are satisfied with the product during the inspection period. This gives buyers the confidence to book properties online without fear of fraud or poor quality.

Using Castler Escrow Services can also increase brand equity and consumer trust by reassuring consumers that their payment is in an escrow until they are satisfied with the product during the inspection period. This creates a win-win situation for both builders and consumers.

In conclusion, Castler Escrow Services offers a secure and reliable way for builders to manage financial transactions, reduce time and manpower, prevent fraud, increase online bookings, and boost brand equity and consumer trust.