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How a Castler Escrow Solution Can Help Combat COVID-19 Related PPE Fraud

Stockpiling may have been considered inefficient in the pre-COVID world because of the carrying cost. However, as the pandemic spreads and grows in intensity, maintaining national supplies of PPE at minimal cost to healthcare budgets is now critical. With an unprecedented demand for PPE kits and certain medical pieces of equipment, many fraudulent activities are surfacing.

Sophisticated frauds such as cloning, payment frauds, false promises, and inability to fulfill large orders are increasing rapidly. These scams are making it harder for buyers to transact with confidence amidst the surge of COVID-19 related PPE fraud.

To avoid the risks and potential losses associated with these fraudulent sellers, Castler Escrow can be the solution. By securely holding funds in trust until the transfer is complete, the buyer can buy goods from the seller with the confidence that the goods and funds are secure.

In addition, Castler Escrow allows for full transparency to all participants at any point in time, providing an advantage of customization of user access and permissions. With robust background checks, Castler Escrow can provide a platform that ensures the transacting parties are legitimate. Furthermore, deal documents such as invoices, authenticity, and more can be uploaded to the platform for everyone to access.

Overall, the pandemic has exposed the brittleness of our global supply chains, making transparency and terms and conditions a necessity. Castler Escrow can be the solution to provide trust and confidence in transactions, especially in these trying times. So, safeguard your transactions with Castler Escrow and continue to transact with confidence amidst the surge of COVID-19 related PPE fraud.