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How Castler Escrow Could Have Prevented the Patiala Online Fraud

In a recent case, an assistant professor in Patiala lost Rs 43,800 in an online fraud. The victim was contacted by a fraudster who claimed to be from a government agency and said that the victim’s PAN card had been used for fraudulent activities. The fraudster then convinced the victim to pay Rs 43,800 in order to “clear” their name.

This scam could have been prevented if the victim had used Castler Escrow. Castler Escrow is a platform that holds payments in escrow until both parties in a transaction are satisfied. In this case, the victim would have deposited the money into the escrow account managed by Castler. The funds would then only have been released to the fraudster once the victim had confirmed that they had received the promised “clearance” from the government agency.

As a result, the victim would have been protected from financial loss. Even if the fraudster had been able to provide the victim with the promised “clearance”, the funds would not have been released to them until the victim had confirmed that they were satisfied with the results.

This is just one example of how Castler Escrow can help to prevent fraud. If you are considering making an online payment, we encourage you to use Castler Escrow to protect yourself from financial loss.


The Patiala online fraud is a reminder of the importance of using a secure payment platform when making online transactions. By using Castler Escrow, you can protect yourself from financial loss and ensure that your transactions are safe and secure.

Additional information:

  • Castler Escrow is a secure payment platform that is used by businesses and individuals around the world.
  • Castler Escrow is a trusted third party that holds payments in escrow until both parties in a transaction are satisfied.
  • Castler Escrow is a convenient and secure way to make online payments.
  • Castler Escrow is a valuable tool that can help you protect yourself from fraud.

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Here are some additional thoughts on how Castler Escrow could have prevented the Patiala online fraud:

  • Castler Escrow would have required the fraudster to provide additional information before releasing the funds, such as the victim’s PAN card number or the name of the government agency that they claimed to be from. This would have made it more difficult for the fraudster to withdraw the money without the victim’s knowledge.
  • Castler Escrow would have given the victim more time to review the transaction. This would have given the victim a chance to report the fraud if they did not receive the promised results.
  • Castler Escrow would have provided the victim with a record of the transaction, which they could have used to file a police report. This would have made it easier for the police to investigate the fraud and recover the victim’s money.

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