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How an Escrow System Could Have Prevented Arvind Kejriwal’s Daughter’s OLX Scam

Harshita Kejriwal, daughter of the Chief Minister of Delhi, fell victim to an OLX scam that cost her Rs 34,000. The scammer exploited her lack of knowledge and trust by sending her a QR code under the guise of making a payment for a used sofa that she was selling on the online marketplace. The scammer transferred a small amount of money to gain her trust, and then debited Rs 34,000 from her account in two separate transactions.

This type of scam is prevalent in online marketplaces, and the lack of trust between the buyer and seller is exploited by the fraudster. They use QR codes or payment requests to lure victims into accepting payments without thoroughly checking the item. Once the victim scans the QR code or accepts the request, the scammer takes control of the transaction and siphons off money from the victim’s account.

To prevent such scams, an escrow system like Castler can be used. In an escrow system, the buyer sends the payment to a trusted third party, who holds the payment until the seller delivers the item as described. Once the buyer receives and verifies the item, the payment is released to the seller. This system ensures that both parties are protected and the transaction is secure.

If Harshita Kejriwal had used the Castler Escrow system, the payment would have been held by a trusted third party until the buyer received and verified the item. The scammer would not have been able to siphon off money from her account as the payment would not have been released until the buyer confirmed that they had received the item as described. This would have prevented the scam and ensured a secure transaction for both parties.

As online marketplaces become increasingly popular, it is important to take precautions to prevent such scams. Using an escrow system like Castler can provide an additional layer of protection and ensure a secure and transparent transaction. The Castler escrow system is designed to prevent fraudulent activities such as non-delivery of goods or services, counterfeit goods, and payment disputes. It holds and regulates payment of funds until the transaction is complete, ensuring secure and transparent transactions between buyers and sellers in the digital space.

In conclusion, using an escrow system like Castler can prevent scams like the one experienced by Harshita Kejriwal. The system ensures that both parties are protected and the transaction is secure by holding and regulating payment of funds until the transaction is complete. As digital transactions become increasingly common, systems like Castler’s can provide an additional layer of protection against fraudulent activities.


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