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How can a cross-border escrow service help protect me from fraud?

A cross-border escrow service, such as Castler’s Digital Identifier system, can help protect you from fraud by acting as a neutral third party to hold funds until a transaction is completed. This means that the buyer can send payment to the escrow service, and the seller can send the item or service to the buyer. Once both parties have fulfilled their obligations, the escrow service releases the funds to the seller.

This process helps to prevent fraud because the buyer can be sure that they will receive the item or service they paid for, and the seller can be sure that they will receive payment for their goods or services. If there is a dispute, the escrow service can act as a mediator to help resolve the issue.

Additionally, Castler’s Digital Identifier system uses advanced technology to ensure that transactions are secure and protected from hacking or other cyber threats. This provides an extra layer of protection for both buyers and sellers, making cross-border transactions safer and more secure.