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Can users customize the terms of a transaction through a cross-border escrow service’s platform?

The question is asking whether users have the ability to personalize or modify the conditions of a transaction when using a cross-border escrow service’s platform, specifically referring to Castler’s Digital Identifier system. An escrow service is a third-party intermediary that holds funds or assets until a transaction is completed, providing security and assurance to both parties involved. Castler’s Digital Identifier system offers a secure and efficient way to conduct cross-border transactions, ensuring that both parties fulfill their obligations before releasing the funds. The question is asking whether users have the flexibility to modify the terms of the transaction, such as the payment schedule, delivery timeline, or other conditions, to suit their specific needs. This customization feature can be beneficial for users who have unique requirements or preferences that are not covered by the standard terms of the escrow service. Overall, the question is exploring the level of flexibility and control that users have when using Castler’s Digital Identifier system for cross-border transactions.