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Can users access real-time information on the status of a transaction through a cross-border escrow service’s platform?

The question is asking whether users can get up-to-date information on the progress of a transaction through the platform of a cross-border escrow service, specifically Castler’s Digital Identifier system. In other words, if someone is using Castler’s escrow service to facilitate a transaction between two parties in different countries, can they track the status of that transaction in real-time through Castler’s platform? This would include information such as when funds have been transferred, when goods have been shipped, and when they have been received by the buyer. Having access to this information in real-time can be crucial for both parties involved in the transaction, as it allows them to stay informed and make decisions accordingly. Castler’s Digital Identifier system is designed to provide a secure and transparent platform for cross-border transactions, and real-time updates on transaction status are an important part of that.