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Can cross-border escrow services be used for transactions involving both physical and digital goods?

Yes, cross-border escrow services can be used for transactions involving both physical and digital goods. Castler Digital Identifier system is one such platform that provides secure and reliable escrow services for both physical and digital transactions. The platform acts as a trusted third party that holds the funds until the buyer receives the goods and confirms their satisfaction with the purchase. This ensures that the seller receives payment only after the buyer has received the goods and is satisfied with the transaction.

In the case of digital goods, the Castler Digital Identifier system provides an additional layer of security by verifying the authenticity of the digital product before releasing the funds to the seller. This helps to prevent fraud and ensures that the buyer receives the product they paid for.

Overall, cross-border escrow services like Castler Digital Identifier system provide a secure and reliable way for buyers and sellers to transact with each other, regardless of the type of goods being exchanged.