Castler closes Pre-Series A funding of $6 Million led by Flipkart, Capital 2B, IIFL Fintech Fund, Venture Catalysts & Zerodha

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Unleashing the Power of Escrow in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is facing a monumental challenge. While financial fraud can be contained by banks and credit card companies, stolen medical information can have more severe and long-lasting consequences. Hackers can use this sensitive data to create counterfeit identification cards, which can then be used to purchase expensive medical equipment or medicine. Blockchain-based FinTech

Secure Your Supply Chain with Castler Escrow Solution

Supply chain risks can emerge from anywhere, be it a natural disaster, a cyber-attack, or a pandemic. Today, COVID-19 has disrupted the entire global economy, leaving companies struggling with low revenue and mounting debts. This has highlighted the need for dynamic processes to manage growing supply chain risks. With the emergence of new suppliers across

Castler Escrow Solution: Building Trust within Rental Property Marketplaces

The idea behind vacation rental marketplaces is to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the culture of the region they are visiting. However, the question of trust arises when it comes to renting another person’s property. Both host and visitor worry about a myriad of challenges such as spying via hidden web cameras or property