Castler closes Pre-Series A funding of $6 Million led by Flipkart, Capital 2B, IIFL Fintech Fund, Venture Catalysts & Zerodha

If you are in these industries, consider Digital Identifier to safeguard your money!

Castler is a Digital Identifier platform that provides secure and reliable transaction management services to businesses and individuals. It is an innovative solution that helps to safeguard money and assets during transactions, ensuring that both parties are protected.

The platform is designed to cater to a wide range of industries, including real estate, e-commerce, and freelance services. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to manage their transactions and payments.

One of the key features of Castler is its ability to provide escrow services for large transactions. This is particularly useful for businesses that deal with high-value transactions, such as real estate deals or mergers and acquisitions. With Castler, both parties can be assured that their money is safe and secure until the transaction is completed.

Another advantage of using Castler is its ability to provide dispute resolution services. In the event of a dispute between the parties involved in a transaction, Castler can act as a neutral third party to help resolve the issue. This helps to prevent costly legal battles and ensures that both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

Overall, Castler is a reliable and secure platform that provides peace of mind to businesses and individuals involved in transactions. Its innovative features and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice for those looking to safeguard their money and assets.