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RERA: Protecting Real Estate Buyers with Castler

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Welcome to Castler, India's largest escrow platform that fully supports and adheres to the principles of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority). RERA is a significant regulatory framework in India aimed at protecting the interests of real estate buyers and promoting transparency and accountability within the real estate sector.

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Key Features and Benefits of RERA

Consumer protection through fair practices and transparent information

RERA mandates developers to provide accurate and transparent information about their projects, including project plans, approvals, timelines, and financial details, ensuring that buyers can make informed decisions.

Registration of projects and agents to ensure reliability

RERA requires developers and agents to register their projects, ensuring that only genuine and reliable players operate in the market. Castler collaborates with RERA-registered developers, assuring buyers of the credibility and legality of the projects they invest in.

Escrow account management for secure fund utilization

RERA mandates developers to maintain a separate escrow account for each project, where the funds collected from buyers are deposited and utilized only for that specific project’s construction and development. Castler, as a trusted escrow platform, works in alignment with RERA guidelines to manage these funds securely, ensuring their proper utilization and minimizing the risk of misuse.

Timely delivery of projects as mandated by RERA

The marketplace should support multiple currencies to enable international transactions. Your RERA Escrow service should be capable of handling multi-currency transactions and provide exchange rate calculations.

Effective dispute resolution mechanisms for conflict resolution

B2B, B2C, and C2C marketplaces require a secure and reliable payment processing system. As an Escrow service provider, your platform should ensure safe and fast payments between buyers and sellers.

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Securing Your Shares with Castler – A Step-by-Step Guide

Identify Your Shares

Choose the shares you want to place in escrow.

Submit Your Shares & funds

: Entrust us with your shares & funds. We guarantee secure storage until the escrow conditions are met.

Create Your Account

Reach out to our Escrow experts and they will help you to create an escrow order. This order will detail the specifics of the transaction, such as the shares description, conditions for release, and parties involved.

Release of Shares

Upon the fulfilment of the specified conditions, the shares & funds are released to the designated party, with Castler keeping you informed every step of the way.

Embark on your journey to secure shares transactions with Castler, guided by our straightforward process:

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Why Choose Castler for RERA-compliant Transactions

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Impact of RERA

RERA has brought significant positive changes to the real estate sector

Since the implementation of RERA, the real estate industry has witnessed several positive transformations benefiting homebuyers and developers alike.

Increased transparency and disclosure of project details

RERA mandates developers to provide accurate and transparent information, enabling buyers to make well-informed decisions based on reliable data.

Improved buyer confidence and trust in developers

RERA's stringent regulations and accountability measures have instilled confidence and trust among buyers, knowing that their interests are protected.

Reduction in project delays and deviations from promised specifications

With RERA's strict guidelines and penalties for non-compliance, project delays and deviations from promised specifications to have significantly reduced, ensuring a smoother experience for homebuyers.

Enhanced accountability and legal framework for dispute resolution

RERA's establishment of an adjudicating authority and real estate appellate tribunal has provided a structured mechanism for resolving disputes, promoting fair and timely resolutions.

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The Need for RERA

Unfair practices and uncertainties faced by homebuyers prior to RERA

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Project delays and deviations from promised specifications

Lack of regulations and accountability within the real estate sector

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Real Estate Transactions

RERA formulated to address these challenges and protect buyers' interests

Castler recognizes the importance of RERA in establishing trust and transparency

RERA Trust And Transparency

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