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Categories faq: Domain Name Escrow

What are the alternatives to domain name escrow?

There are a few alternatives to domain name escrow, including:

Using a credit card: When you buy a domain name with a credit card, you have some protection from fraud or scams. However, if the domain name is not as described, you may have difficulty getting a refund.
Using a wire transfer: Wire transfers are fast and secure, but they can be expensive.
Using a PayPal account: PayPal offers some protection for buyers and sellers, but it’s important to read the terms and conditions carefully before using the service.

How do I get started with domain name escrow?

To get started with domain name escrow, you will need to contact an escrow service and provide the required documentation. Once the escrow service has received the documentation, they will create a contract and send it to both parties for review. Once both parties have signed the contract, the escrow service will hold the funds in trust until the transaction is complete.

What are the costs of domain name escrow?

The costs of domain name escrow will vary depending on the escrow service you choose.

What happens if the buyer or seller does not fulfill their obligations under the contract?

If the buyer or seller does not fulfill their obligations under the contract, the parties may take action to resolve the issue.
This could include:
Canceling the transaction
Mutual Understanding
Taking legal action